Chocolate and hazelnuts square

Extradark chocolate and hazelnuts. A traditional, simple recipe.
The difference is made by the high quality of our chocolate and of our hazelnuts put together by the excellence of our processing method. The simplicity of ingredients is enhanced by the packaging which gives to this choco square a fine, majestic appearance.

As with other highly successful products, the birth of a deliciousness such as Gianduja Chocolate is due to chance, or to say better to the ability of Piedmontese people to make virtue out of necessity. Since the discovery of America the city of Turin has been specialized in the processing of quality chocolate. But the continental stop imposed by Napoleon in the early 1800s, raised the price of products imported from British colonies and therefore also of cocoa. So to remedy the shortage and the high cost of cocoa, Piedmontese confectioners thought of mixing the chocolate with hazelnuts, a precious local product available in large quantity. This improvised mix was the beginning of one of the most popular combinations of tastes that we work to make it irresistible. A big format for one of the most territory-linked tastes.

We produce our Gianduja Chocolate as tradition dictates.
We combine bitter extradark chocolate and milk chocolate with cocoa, hazelnuts and hazelnut paste creating an intese mixture which is at the same time also delicate.
A perfect balance of taste.
The cocoa bitterness marries the refined taste of our own hazelnut paste, contained in a high percentage. The crunchiness of the entire hazelnuts gives a unique roundness and fulness flavour.

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