Perfetto Taste Box

A simple case, but at the same time created with attention to the smallest details: this is our taste box to try all the new Perfetto choco praline variants.
The milk choco praline with hazelnuts roasted by us as tradition; the extradark choco praline with hazelnuts in paste and grains and the different nuances of cocoa to give an even more decisive taste.
The Gianduja choco praline with entire hazelnuts, a traditional taste; the choco praline with caramel and salty hazelnuts, a refined and fashionable taste; finally, the white choco praline with pistachios where the delicacy of white chocolate enhances our pistachios.

We use a milk chocolate rich of cocoa butter and whole milk and we melt it with our hazelnut paste.
Then we add the entire hazelnuts, roasted as tradition dictates, to obtain a pleasant crunchiness.
The prevailing aroma is that of hazelnut in all its nuances.
Gianduja is by invention and tradition the Piedmontese chocolate praline; our Perfetto is an interpretation of it.

We start with a dark chocolate mixture, enriched with 100% cocoa mass and cocoa powder well dosed thanks to our experience.
We enhance the bitter taste of the chocolate in combination with the hazelnuts paste.
We add crunchiness with hazelnut grains.
A strong flavor, for real experts.

We obtain the nice crunchiness at taste of this wire-cut chocolate by adding hazelnut grains to the finest milk chocolate and hazelnuts paste.
An intense hazelnut flavor and aroma.
So many nuances of flavor contained into just two ingredients.

We add hazelnuts paste to the caramel chocolate.
We prepare a special grain to give the traditional crunchiness; we toast the hazelnuts, salt them whole and finally break them up to the right size.
This is how we obtain the salty note that perfectly harmonizes with the caramel flavor.

We combine a white chocolate, very rich in cocoa butter to the deep, green natural pistachio paste.
We add pistachio kernels we obtain from whole fruits roasted by us to bring out the best flavor and crunchiness.
The wire cutting, obtained from a massif, further enhances shape and flavor.

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