Mixed Tartufini Box “Rainbow Collection” 175 g

Following the success of our two Mixed Tartufini boxes, this year we introduce two more: the Rainbow Collection boxes.
A set of our most-loved flavours. Let’s start with Amaretto biscuit grains Tartufino: a unique taste of our tartufo dolce where the crispy and crumbly texture of the typical slightly bitter dry biscuit meets the intense flavour of chocolate. After, one of the most classic flavours: our Gianduja Chocolate Tartufino, a typical Piedmontese product. Finally, the sophisticated tastes: Caramel and Salty Hazelnuts Tartufino, Milk Chocolate and Caramelized Hazelnuts Tartufino and Extradark Chocolate 70 % with cocoa nibs Tartufino, a strong and decisive taste for real chocolate lovers.
To be enjoyed with eyes and palate. Also available in 350g format.

We take all the time we need to obtain the right, soft texture.
With the bitterness of the extradark chocolate we enhance the aroma of our hazelnuts.
We add hazelnuts grain to give a pleasant crunchiness.
Cocoa powder gives a final bitter note to seal the perfect flavours marriage.

This was the first variation of Classic Tartufo dolce “the Original”.
The taste of roasted hazelnuts paste prevails on white chocolate, a distinct hazelnuts flavour.
The addition of hazelnuts grain gives a crunchy note at the end of the tasting.

Processing times and temperatures give our Pistachio Tartufo Dolce an unmistakable taste.
Only two ingredients: white chocolate and pistachio.
The white chocolate provides the sweet note and the mixture softness.
The typical taste and colour are due to the high percentage of pistachio in the recipe.
The paste, without colouring agents and with a natural, green colour, blends perfectly with the white chocolate. The pistachio grain gives that pleasant touch of crunchiness.

Our Gianduja Tartufo Dolce stems from the balanced combination of bitter extradark chocolate, creamy milk chocolate and fragrant hazelnuts grain.
The crunchiness is provided by the traditionally roasted hazelnut grain.
Cocoa powder, added in the right quantity, harmonizes all the ingredients.

Extradark 70% with cocoa nibs tartufo dolce stems from the combination of extradark chocolate, cocoa powder and cocoa mass.
Thanks to the cocoa mass we have created a bitter, strong flavoured sweet truffle.
The cocoa nibs grain gives a pleasant crunchyness.
For real experts.

We combine the bitter chocolate with amaretto and almond grain which gives it crunchyness and the typical taste of bitter almond.
With this truffle we enhance the flavour of one of Piedmont most typical desserts.

The rich, harmonious taste of this truffle is achieved by roasting the entire hazelnuts, then salting them and finally making them grains.
We finalize this ideal match mixing all with caramel chocolate.

Our Milk Chocolate and Caramelized Hazelnuts Tartufo Dolce is the perfect balance among its sophisticated ingredients.
The perfectly balanced taste is due to chocolate rich in whole milk and cocoa butter, while the pleasant crunchiness is provided by the hazelnuts we selected, roasted, grained and sweetened at the right point.

A rich and creamy truffle. The nuance that we missed in our varied organoleptic palette.
While tasting, you can immediately perceive the extraordinary smoothness achieved through proper processing times and the high percentage of hazelnut paste. The balanced combination of chocolate, hazelnut grain and traditionally roasted hazelnut paste creates a mix with a smooth and never cloying texture.
A rich taste where the typical sweetness of whole milk and cocoa butter is enhanced by the addition of cocoa powder. A sweet truffle with a simple taste that can be enjoyed by everyone.
A taste that fits well between Tartufo Gianduja and Tartufo Dolce l’Originale.

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